Riley Cup at Old Dominion

The Penn Sailing Team’s first official regatta of the season, the Riley Cup, at Old Dominion University in Virginia, was a great weekend both on and off the water. Penn sent a larger than normal group of sailors down to compete because we had births for both a coed and women’s team. After a six hour ride in the comfortable and stylish Penn Athletics van, stopping at the No. 1 Chinese Restaurant for dinner on the way, the team settled in for the night and prepared for a full day of racing the next morning.

With fairly heavy winds ranging from 13-17 knots, both teams of sailors worked hard on the water, held their own, and came off the water sore and accomplished. As this weekend was my first time sailing FJs, I crewed half the time and skippered half the time, learning a lot from the experience with the help of tips from upperclassmen (shoutout to Raemie). The conditions were pretty similar continuing on to the second day, with heavy winds, enough to keep us moving fast and hiking continuously.

This was a fun first regatta of the season and a great weekend for team bonding. Now that everyone is back into the racing mindset, the team is ready for a great season coming up.

Lots of thanks to the Stanford and Turrietta families for hosting us this weekend!


Jenna Weiner ‘21

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