Nevin’s Trophy 2017

For the second week of Penn Sailing’s Fall 2017 season, the team trekked up to King’s Point, NY to sail three divisions for the Nevin’s Trophy at USMMA. After a ceremonial stop at Chick-fil-a, we arrived at the Hanlon residence, where we stayed for the weekend. Huge thanks to the Hanlons for their hospitality this weekend!

In extremely light breeze and a fleet that proved very difficult to navigate, Penn sailed a very competitive weekend. The two days were filled with major strong-points and valuable lessons at every turn. All three boats came away from the weekend having honed their skills in ways that would only be possible at a competitive intersectional. Personally, this was definitely the most competitive fleet that I have ever sailed, which made for a challenging, but extremely positive learning experience. Thanks to the positive reinforcement and great feedback from the team, I was able to make the weekend extremely productive. I got over some bad habits and learned many new skills.

Joe LaForgia

Class of 2021

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