Regatta Report: Graham Hall Team Race (USNA)

The Quakers drove south to the Naval Academy to one of the most competitive team races of the season, the Graham Hall. It is a 16 team interconference event including teams such as the College of Charleston, Yale, and Roger Williams. Penn Sailing has had a limited team racing program in the past, but is making new strides to build the institutional knowledge to one day be able to compete with the best team race programs in the nation. We are working on building our team racing program from the ground-up and this was a big first step to laying down the foundation for success in future years. With very little team race training so far this Spring Penn Sailing was able to hang on in almost all the races and had a few major wins against more experienced teams like Fordham and Cornell.

We focused on leading to the line in adverse current and then worked hard from there to stay ahead. I am very happy with our performance as a step in the process to success. The team learned a tremendous amount and gained a newfound respect for the boathandling and execution skills required to be able to achieve what is easily shown on a whiteboard. Building a solid team racing program will require years of work, but I think this was a very promising start to a young, scrappy, and hungry team.

Scores and sailors here:


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