Author: julia


Penn Sailing Wins MAISA South Qualifier

This weekend, Mike Russom, Jack Swikart, Christina Johns, Jose Maria Barrero, Sherlyn Chen, and I traveled to Hampton, VA for the Maisa South Qualifiers. We ended the regatta victoriously after two days of racing against other 15 teams. In total each division sailed 11 races. Mike and Christina sailed A-division and Jack and I sailed B. Both divisions sailed in FJs, and because there was only one fleet, we alternated after every set.

Mike and Christina started off the regatta on Saturday at around 10:15 given that the wind was very light, but even in these conditions they sailed a great set, heading us into a great start. Jack and I sailed the next set and also were in the top three in both races. As the day went on, the wind picked up a little and continuously changed direction. We finished the day in second place after each division had sailed 3 sets.

On Sunday the sunny weather from the day before was replaced by rain and slightly stronger wind. As soon as we arrived in Hampton, we were informed that there had to be a redress for Race 5A (which Mike and Christina had won). Gladly, the race took place again and they were first once more. After 3 great races, Jack and I went back in the water and finished our set in the top 3. The day went really well for both divisions. By the end of the day, after all the protests were taken into consideration, our victory was announced. GO QUAKERS!

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-Patricia Andrade, C’15