Month: April 2013


Penn Competes At America Trophy

This weekend Jack Swikart, Patty Andrade, Meaghan Harding, Christina Johns, Jose-Maria Barrero, and I traveled to the U.S. Naval Academy to sail the 2013 MAISA America Trophy. With a forecast for big breeze, FJ expert, Foster Collins, also joined us in our quest to finish in the top 8 and qualify for the national semi finals to be held in Hampton, VA in two weeks. Unfortunately, the tricky mid-April conditions proved challenging for our team; both Jack and I struggled with the strong MAISA fleet resulting in an 11th place finish ending our hopes at post-season competition.

On Saturday, after short on-shore delay, we began sailing in the Severn River in a shifty 5-10 knots. I started in the FJ sailing with Christina in A division and Jack sailed B with Meg and Patty splitting time in the front of the 420. 6 races were run before we broke for lunch. The highlight of the morning was Jack’s 2nd in race 4B. In the afternoon, the breeze shifted far left forcing PRO Gavin O’Hare to move the course out to Annapolis Harbor just off of Triton Point. As a team, we finished consistently around 12th as the breeze built in the afternoon. After race 9 we switched fleets. I sailed races 10, 11, and 12 in a 420 with Jose and Jack finished the day with Patty in an FJ. In total, 12 races were completed on Saturday.

With 6 races scheduled for Sunday we returned to the Robert Crown Jr. Sailing Center without any intention to let up. Jack and Patty sailed extremely well in B division with 5 top 10 finishes. In A division, Christina and I worked hard to improve on Saturday’s results. In race 15A we got off the line clean and sailed to a 4th place finish. Jose jumped in the boat as the breeze built in race 16. By noon we were sailing back to the dock with 18 races completed. We finished 11th overall falling slightly short of our goal.

Full results can be found at:

All in all it was a wonderful weekend spent at Navy. A huge thank you goes out to the Harding family who hosted us for the second time this season. Also, Foster was extremely helpful on land ensuring that our sailors had a hand on the dock. As always, our coach, Jack Kerr, provided grounded advice and helped us work through the tricky conditions.

As seniors, Jose, Christina and I tried to keep the mood light and enjoy our final regatta as much as possible. While it would have been nice to make it to Hampton, VA for semis, I speak for Jose and Christina when I say we have nothing to regret. While we originally joined to develop and compete, the level of friendship and camaraderie gained over the past 4 years is something to reflect on fondly.

Stay tuned as our younger sailors travel to Georgetown and Delaware University next weekend to round out the Spring Season.

See you on the water,

Mike Russom C’13


Greater NY Dinghy Regatta

This weekend Mike, Jack, Christina, José and I travelled to Fordham and Columbia for the Greater New York Dinghy regatta. After staying at the Swikart’s house Friday night, we got up early Saturday morning to make the trek to the Morris Yacht and Beach Club at Fordham and Columbia. Friday morning was beautiful with sunshine and good breeze. Both Mike and Christina in A and Jack and I in B had great opening sets. The wind, however, continued to die throughout the day, completely switching directions at around two o’clock. Due to the light conditions, we were unable to finish the last set but by that point, the light wind had frustrated everyone long enough and we were ready to call it a day. We rounded out day one in third overall, hoping that all of our practice in the heavier conditions predicted for Sunday would be enough to propel us further in the standings.

We woke up Sunday feeling good about the day ahead. B Division set out first to finish the third set, hammering out two good races in third and first. José hopped in to crew for A division as the wind picked up and he and Mike had an awesome race, finishing in first. Unfortunately, by that point the wind had picked up so much that conditions were no longer ideal and the regatta was called at one p.m. after a ninety-minute wind delay. We ended Sunday in second place and feel great going into next weekend. America’s Trophy here we come!

Big thanks to the Swikarts for hosting us Friday night.

Full results can be found here:

-Meaghan Harding, C’16


Penn Sailing Wins MAISA South Qualifier

This weekend, Mike Russom, Jack Swikart, Christina Johns, Jose Maria Barrero, Sherlyn Chen, and I traveled to Hampton, VA for the Maisa South Qualifiers. We ended the regatta victoriously after two days of racing against other 15 teams. In total each division sailed 11 races. Mike and Christina sailed A-division and Jack and I sailed B. Both divisions sailed in FJs, and because there was only one fleet, we alternated after every set.

Mike and Christina started off the regatta on Saturday at around 10:15 given that the wind was very light, but even in these conditions they sailed a great set, heading us into a great start. Jack and I sailed the next set and also were in the top three in both races. As the day went on, the wind picked up a little and continuously changed direction. We finished the day in second place after each division had sailed 3 sets.

On Sunday the sunny weather from the day before was replaced by rain and slightly stronger wind. As soon as we arrived in Hampton, we were informed that there had to be a redress for Race 5A (which Mike and Christina had won). Gladly, the race took place again and they were first once more. After 3 great races, Jack and I went back in the water and finished our set in the top 3. The day went really well for both divisions. By the end of the day, after all the protests were taken into consideration, our victory was announced. GO QUAKERS!

Results can be found in:

-Patricia Andrade, C’15