Delaware Spring Open

Last weekend four recreational members of the team, Matthias Chia, Cruz Vargas, Steven Ho, & Audrey Harnagel headed down to Newark to compete in the Delaware Spring Open. This was Audrey’s first regatta, Steven’s first regatta as a skipper, and Cruz’s second regatta. The sea-hardened and experienced sensei Matthias had much to teach us.

For most of the team, this was our first time in Newark, DE. We decided to explore Main Street to try out some of the local cuisine and ended up eating dinner at both California Tortilla (2.5/5 stars) and a place that specialized in macaroni and cheese dishes (3.25/5 stars).

We arrived at the course a few minutes after 9 on Saturday morning with a little bit of rest and quite a bit of eagerness to sail; the weather was perfect. Races started around 10:15, with a solid westerly wind of about 8 knots. Right before lunch the wind shifted to coming out of the northeast, so the course was changed accordingly. The wind almost completely died a few times during the day, though only briefly. For most of the day the wind fluctuated between 5 and 13 knots.

Matthias and Cruz sailed hard, and steadily improved throughout the day. When the wind shifted towards the middle of the day, the course was changed from a W4 to a W3. Unfortunately Matthias and Cruz missed this announcement and shot outside of the finish line towards the windward mark when they should have been finishing with second place. Despite the quick turn around and (re)finish, they still managed to not get last that race. Two of the last three races were first place finishes for Matthias and Cruz, and they ended up tying for third place in the A division, even with the midday misunderstanding.

Steven and Audrey sailed competitively in their division, and had several finishes above the middle of the pack. They placed fifth in their division (only 1 point away from 4th) but also steadily improved throughout the day. The final race in the Delaware Open resulted in a first victory for both sailors in their respective positions.

Special thanks to Matthias for patiently teaching me the ropes throughout the weekend. Also, shout out to Mitch Poster and housemates; you guys were great hosts and probably the chillest people I’ve ever met. Stay S-themed my friends.



Cruz Vargas

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